Buy Real Media Review: Is It a Legit Site to Buy Social Media Services

Personally, I’d advise anyone looking to build a credible social media presence to consider buying social signals. It’s a divisive topic, but it works – it really is that simple. 

The trouble is, most of the social proof sold online is fake. Spam signals from spam accounts tend to do more harm than good. Buy Real Media is one of the few exceptions, where all products and services are said to be legit.

But what makes these different from most other social media growth companies doing the rounds? That’s exactly the question I am set out to answer in my updated 2022 Buy Real Media review. 

About Buy Real Media

Buy Real Media is an established and reputable social media marketing agency. They’ve been around for several years and have built a pretty solid track record along the way. 

Social signals are their specialty, with products and services available for pretty much every social network on earth. From followers to likes to views to comments to shares and more, it’s all up for grabs at Buy Real Media.

But what makes the difference with these guys is their iron-clad guarantees of authenticity. They claim that every product and service they sell comes from a real person with an active account. 

If true, this alone makes Buy Real Media an entirely different type of social media growth company. Unless you want your accounts suspended or closed down, fake social signals should be avoided at all costs. All impressive at first glance, but how do things look when put firmly under the microscope?

How Does It Work?

Far from complex, Buy Real Media keeps things simple. For me personally, this is what makes all the difference. They’re staffed by a team of social media marketing experts with decades of combined experience.

Rather than relying on sketchy bots and algorithms, they deliver social signals manually. They use real people with real accounts to supply the services they sell – nothing synthetic. Importantly, they also talk of a ‘drip feed’ system, used to add social signals gradually.

This is a big deal, as mass delivery of social signals is not a good idea. The social signals you buy need to look organic, so they need to be added to your accounts in the normal way. This point Buy Real Media stresses on countless occasions and makes for a more reassuring experience. 

Buy Real Media Features

Going into the whole thing in a little more detail, the following features at Buy Real Media impressed me most:

Targeted Service

Along with the quality of the products, the sheer range of targeted services available is remarkable. You can request the social signals you buy to be sourced from almost any major market worldwide. There’s even the option of choosing between male and female sources if that helps you out in some way. 

Privacy & Safety

Buy Real Media’s privacy policy is reassuring – as any privacy policy should be. They make clear their commitment to safety and discretion while taking all reasonable steps to safeguard customers’ private information. They understand and acknowledge the concerns of their customers, which to me is a big deal.

Affordable Pricing

The full range of products and services available at Buy Real Media starts from just $2.00. For real social signals from real people, this is ridiculously low. There’s also the option of placing bulk orders for bigger savings, but it’s always great to be able to try things out first with a low-cost option. 

Money Back Guarantee

As already touched upon, every sale at Buy Real Media is covered by a full refund guarantee. It states in their terms and conditions that if they are unable to fulfil their side of the deal, you’ll get your money back – every penny of it. This alone makes them a safe bet, well worth checking out.

Retention Rate

There’s also an initial retention warranty that covers against losses for the first 60 days. This means that if any of the services you buy drop within the first two months, you’ll get replacements for free. An impressive guarantee of quality and performance, given how low Buy Real Media’s prices are. 

Responsive Customer Support

Customer support is available on normal working days during standard office hours by way of both live chat and email. The quality of the customer service provided by Buy Real Media is one of their biggest selling points. Friendly, knowledgeable, and professional reps who are always more than happy to chat with their customers.

Products from Real People

Last up, and I cannot emphasize strongly enough the importance of authenticity. The only social signals worth buying are those that come from real people. As Buy Real Media guarantees nothing but 100% real social signals, this is the biggest reason to check them out for yourself.

Top Services and Their Pricing

The sample products and prices below barely scratch the surface of what’s on offer at Buy Real Media. But they do at least give an indication of the kind of value for money you’re looking at. 

Here’s a brief rundown of just a few top-selling products and services at the time of my review:

Facebook Services

250 Facebook Followers for $7500 Facebook Likes for $172,500 Facebook Reactions for $495,000 Facebook Followers for $97 

YouTube Services

50 YouTube Subscribers for $101,000 YouTube Views for $16250 YouTube Likes for $4010 YouTube Comments for $5

TikTok Services

100 TikTok Followers for $550 TikTok Comments for $7250 TikTok Likes for $115,000 TikTok Views for $12

Instagram Services

1,000 Instagram Followers for $201,000 Instagram Saves for $122,500 Instagram Mentions for $335,000 Instagram Likes for $95

Spotify Services

1,000 Spotify Followers for $171,000 Spotify Monthly Listeners for $410,000 Spotify Track Plays for $41

Twitter Services

25 Twitter Followers for $1750 Twitter Retweets for $450 Twitter Likes for $3100 Twitter Comments for $17

If you don’t see exactly what you need to be featured on their website, you can always submit a request for a custom order. All products and services are covered by the same money-back guaranteed and 60-day retention warranty. 

Is Buy Real Media Safe?

Would I recommend Buy Real Media as a safe place to buy authentic social signals? The short answer is yes, I would. I’ll be going into their biggest selling points below, but there are a few things that make Buy Real Media a safe bet. 

They stress the authenticity of their products, they deliver everything manually, and they cover all sales with a refund guarantee. I’ve personally come across few (if any) social media growth companies that offer this kind of reassurance. 

Plus, the feedback they have stacked up over the years paints a picture of a seller you can trust. So the answer is yes – I’d recommend Buy Real Media if looking to grow your social presence with authentic social proof.

Is Buy Real Media the Right Choice for You?

If you’re looking to pick up authentic social signals at a low price, I’d definitely recommend checking out Buy Real Media. Having looked through their privacy policy, their user agreement, and their terms and conditions, there’s nothing to suggest they’re not 100% legit. 

Of course, the occasional negative review here and there is to be expected. You can’t please everyone, after all. But the vast majority of people who have used their services seem 100% satisfied with them.

They’ve stacked up more than 10,000 satisfied customers to date, which to me speaks volumes for their credibility.

Buy Real Media Pros and Cons


Huge range of products and services are availableAuthentic social signals from real peopleAll sales are covered by a money-back guarantee60-day retention warranty on every orderLow-cost packages starting from just $2.00Excellent feedback and a solid brand imageOutstanding customer support during office hours


No free trial is currently available


By a clear mile, these guys outperform most comparable social media growth companies on the web. Buy Real Media keeps it simple, and that’s why it works. No gimmicks, no bots, no false promises – they just do what they say they do.  

Authentic social signals from real people are delivered manually to maintain discretion. Falling victim to spam social proof could cost you your account. If you’re flagged for spam, it’s game over. 

Real social proof is the only social proof that’s safe to buy. Given Buy Real Media’s guarantees of quality and authenticity, they’re definitely worth a short period. 

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